Recent Case Study - March 2019

CJ Round Landscapes


Previous Status

Had a website and a basic listing on Google and were posting on Social Media

They were better in more ways than a lot of other SMEs in that they had a website, could be found on Search Engines even though it was limited and were very active of Social Media. The issues were that no matter how pro-active they were, the website was hard to use and didn’t really put them in a good light, and as we all know, everyone has a BACK button on their browser!


  • Very Dated Website

  • Poor Images

  • Difficult Navigation

  • Non Mobile Friendly

  • Limited online exposure

CJ Old  3.jpg
CJ Old  2.jpg

The Solution

Exposure needed to be enhanced; streamlining the Social Media pages with more and full info, new layout and add channels like a You Tube Channel as well as improving their Google Listing.

A brand new website incorporating...


  • Fresh, sleek, contemporary design – good first impression

  • Simple website Navigation – users more likely to find what they need

  • Highlighting their exceptional work – pictures are worth a thousand words

  • Streamlining the text – too much text people won’t read any at all

  • Lots of testimonials – creates trust in their reputation

  • Calls to action on all pages – makes it simple for people to act immediately

  • Streamlined their Social Media Channels - looks more uniform and corporate

  • Updated their Search Engine Listings - more attractive so they get more clicks

  • Created a YouTube Channel for them - showcases videos and helps Google ranking

  • Advised on how to update frequently - helps attract new customers

What the Customer Said...

"MLE were recommended to me and we knew that our website probably needed updating but our issue was 'change' and lack of time. It was so easy!


Martyn visited us and explained about our mobile site just doesn't 'cut it' these days and we will be losing customers because of it.

On top of that, he wrote most of the wording his self for us, saving me lots of time and we are over the moon with the website, and the mobile version.


In the first month of it being live I bet we've had 25 inquiries via our website!!"

Chris Round
CJ Round Landscapes