Mobile Friendly Websites

You DO Need a Mobile Friendly Website

We’re all relying more and more on our mobile phones and smart phones for internet information; in fact, in 2014, mobile became the most common way people access the Internet and it's growing more each month.


So the choice of whether you have a mobile optimised website has become more critical. Even though you may have a very smart website that people can view perfectly on a desktop PC, you must think about what your customers see and experience if they visit your site from a mobile phone.


If you’ve never checked this out for yourself, go to your smart phone to see what your website looks like from the customer’s perspective. Then go to the websites of your competitors.

Why does this matter?

Research shows that most consumers have their mobile phones within 3 feet of their body for most of the day. Many people even sleep with their mobile phones right next to them. They have become increasingly more important as more people use them for their everyday activities online.


By not having a mobile optimised website, you run the risk of losing out on many customers who become frustrated trying to view your website from their smart phones. If your competitors don’t yet have their websites optimised for mobile viewing, you can lead the way!


Making it easy for people to find information about your company, products and services from their mobile device is one way that you can show your customer service focus.

Here’s one of our favourites – After being live for just 1 month, Ashbridge School had had 52 Click-to-Call enquiries via their mobile friendly website because it’s so easy to use!


Often, you will find that the desktop website doesn’t load properly on a mobile or takes a long time to finish loading. People have very short attention spans and will not wait several minutes to be able to view your site. They become frustrated and will move on to a competitor who has set their website up to be mobile ready.


On the other hand, if your website is mobile optimised, customers will respond! 

They will remember the experience of being able to get the information they needed even while they were walking around the supermarket or sitting at work. They may even recommend your business to friends and family simply because they are able to show them the information right there on their mobile device.


Work with us to get your website mobile ready so that you can capture those target prospects and customers who rely heavily on the use of a smart phone or other mobile device.

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