Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is simply about getting the Search Engines to properly index the pages on your website and then to return the ‘right’ page that you’d like to present for that particular search.


There’s a lot of different components that go into it and here’s a pretty good infographic showing the significance and positive and negative effects of various elements.


We have our own particular favourites from that table and when we do SEO for our customers' websites, we pay a lot of attention to getting the site structure and ‘build’ features right.


A well-constructed site with good titles, headings and content is, in our experience, a far stronger contender for persistent, consistent rankings than a site which uses the latest ‘Google Loopholes’.

The first step is understanding your business and then we review your current website and measure this against the ideals you’d like for your business.


We’ll then devise SEO strategies using intelligent keyword research and careful on-page and off-page optimisation to get your site found – down to specific pages. Now this is no guarantee of achieving a ranking quickly, so we also recommend using Google Adwords at least to start with as this will...


a) help get traffic to your site, which can help your rankings

b) help identify the actual search terms people are using to look for your services or products


Think about what you would type in a search engine to find your company. These are the keywords that need to appear on your website.

We’d be delighted to sit down and discuss the potential for your business... call us today to arrange a no-obligation meeting!

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