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Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the Internet. As a diverse community Facebook offers numerous avenues for marketing products and services. Our knowledge lies in understanding how to best use every channel in a fiscally efficient and results driven manner for optimal performance.


From widget installations, to group promotion, page creation & promotion, text & image ads and participation marketing, we can do it all on Facebook. Previous campaigns have shown that combining different promotion methods is much more effective than isolated approaches.


The work carried out by MLE Media on Facebook is a thoughtful approach that combines creative thinking, analysis, monitoring and execution. It is important to be aware of best practice guidelines to succeed. We have many years of experience working on this social network and our brand management team can deliver to exceptional standards with a guarantee of service.


Facebook offers unique targeting benefits that search engines don’t. You can advertise to a very particular segment of people by determining the relevant demographics and social preferences.

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Twitter Marketing

Twitter, the fastest growing social networking service on the Internet is being successfully used as a B2B marketing channel as consumers with a wide range of interests in different industries use it.


Most of all though, Twitter is a communication channel which affects brand reputation, customer relations, public image and even product design and services. Value is based on real time information to both consumers and businesses creating a free form feedback interaction channel.


MLE Media represents individuals and companies on Twitter, in a cost efficient and results driven manner for optimal performance. We improve follower numbers, encourage interaction via participation marketing and evaluate the rate of information sharing and business results.


A thoughtful approach to creative thinking, analysis, execution and monitoring of results (click-throughs and follower numbers) will help your company reach it’s goals. It is important to be aware of best practice guidelines to succeed on Twitter.


We have 2 years of experience working on Twitter and our account managers can deliver you exceptional standards of service.


How we add value to Twitter Marketing Campaigns

  • Expert account managers

  • Profile set-up and management

  • Follower screening & optimisation

  • Workflow tools

  • Post monetisation


If you are in the B2B environment you need to participate in Twitter.

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