You Get One Chance To Make a First Impression…

You know you need a quality website. Your credibility depends on having a good looking site that people are happy to visit.


It’s where prospects end up, even after visiting Facebook and Twitter. Your website is the ‘business end’ of what you do.


So you know it’s critical but how do you know that...


  • You’re getting the right website built for your business?

  • Do you want to capture prospects?

  • Provide information?

  • Do you know what’s good (and not-so-good) in web design and build at the moment?


Web Design

So You’ve got a Website already...

Most of our customers have taken one of two options;


1. The ‘FREE’ route – either a self built website using supposedly easy to use packages, or know a friend or relative who can 'build a website’!

2. Simply hired someone, paying them hundreds (or thousands) of pounds to build a website.


Because there’s so much to think about, the focus of either of these approaches tends to be highly visual, and the question of what the website is going to do for your business is often an afterthought.


Yes, it needs to look great and be visually appealing but it also needs to work for your business. It’s the classic ‘Function versus Form’ argument; sometimes, simplicity is key – look at Google. Other times, you might have some great imagery to showcase your products or services. Whatever works for you, it needs to contribute positively to your business.

We’d be delighted to sit down and discuss your website options with you... call us today to arrange a no-obligation meeting!

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